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Originally Posted by Frupal View Post
This, along with all of the new BMW cars (Except the 5...) is a disappointment to me. What bugs me is this: For years, the Japanese emulated the German designs nearly to the point of copying them. It seems now - what with the over busy rear ends and gaping maws (HUGE grills), that BMW is emulating the Japanese designs. Take a look at the back ends of the new BMWs and then compare them to Toyotas. As for the gaping maw, look no further that the vomit spewing maws of the new Lexus cars.

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I don't know about BMW emulating the Japanese designs, but the "Japanese" designs differ from continent to continent. If you compare a given vehicle in North America with its equivalent in Europe or Australia, you will see that the designs are slightly different. Either way, the Japanese design language doesn't speak to me.

As for Lexus' gaping maws, they were still copying European designs. A bigwig Lexus person (forgot if it was CEO or someone else) saw the huge grille of the Audi's and said "oh my god! We need huge grilles!" And thus, the predator grille was born. With the exception of the LC500, the Lexus grille has been poorly executed.