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This, along with all of the new BMW cars (Except the 5...) is a disappointment to me. What bugs me is this: For years, the Japanese emulated the German designs nearly to the point of copying them. It seems now - what with the over busy rear ends and gaping maws (HUGE grills), that BMW is emulating the Japanese designs. Take a look at the back ends of the new BMWs and then compare them to Toyotas. As for the gaping maw, look no further that the vomit spewing maws of the new Lexus cars.

That being said, I test drove both the 850 and the 840 gran coupes. They are MONSTROUS and a great improvement over our beloved 6s - driving wise. That being said, I doubt that I would be tempted to look back at an 8 GC three or four times after I parked it. The 6 GC was a design miracle, and shall remain one of the most beautiful road cars ever produced. I do not believe that the same can be said for the 8 series.