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Some untruths being spoken here, the reasonable among us skeptics are not anti EV for the sake of it. There are two issues at play here,

1) Such short term targets sets by governments and manufacturers, i don't see how on EARTH you could ban ICE sales in less than 9 years, i just cannot see it.

2) Charging, people focus on range but the issue is charging. Until this is resolved there will be a need for an alternative which is NOT what is being communicated, the communication is EV or bust by 2030ish.

I will also add that an EV is more hassle for me than an ICE. I have two cars, one garage so one lives outside, my charger would be near the front of the house or in the garage and because of the charging issue I would need to top up EVERY DAMN NIGHT. So in the morning, minus 30, i am out there unrolling an icy cord and every night i have to trudge in and plug it in again. It's just a headache vs filling up once every two weeks.

it all comes back to charging, if we can charge in 5 minutes, game changer, until then, prodominately 2nd cars ina family for pure EV.
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