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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
There's room for both types of propulsion. I see the appeal in both, and I hate the us against them mentality. It's great that people can enjoy the sound and sensations of ICE on the weekend and drive a boring but efficient electric car to work.

The instant torque and acceleration of an electric vehicle is unmatched. I also like the real whirling sound of an electric motor, not the noise that some manufacturers put in (ahem, BMW). But the noises from a straight six BMW are also very enjoyable. The sound my Z51 C7 Corvette made was also intoxicating. I drove through tunnels with the top down just to hear it.
unfortunately what you are describing is what happened when the car replaced the horse. people still ride horses for fun, but its an expensive hobby for very small group of people. granted, an ice car can get your where you need to go just as fast as an EV.... but there will be laws, taxes, and costs associated with ICE cars that will continue to make them less appealing as an A to B car.

we are quite a ways away from this happening. but eventually there will be cheap used EVs on the market. parents will buy them for 16 year olds as a beater as they are much safer than ICE cars and don't need maintenance. very few of those kids will turn back to an ICE vehicle.

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