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The 6 can't meet CAFE requirements with the added weight of the folding hardtop. Until they manage to reduce the overall weight, it'll remain a softtop car. It really wouldn't surprise me if the next three convertible goes back to a softtop if it means fuel efficiency goes up.
Where did that come from? It is so they can offer the "Flying Buttress", allows the rear window to be used in the up position to reduce wind in cabin. One car's CAFE number means nothing- Why would there be a 760Li then? That is the heaviest car in the fleet with the largest engine.

A hard top convertible can be made lighter than a soft top these days- the Z4 is proof of that. The next gen 3 will continue on as a hard top.

I love what people come up with as answers sometimes...
That was info direct from a BMW engineer, not something I just made up. Take your high horse attitude elsewhere instead of being an ass.
Sorry but do you see how ridiculous that sounds... It is not even remotely true, and if it was a US engineer that sounds about right, hence why they aren't supposed to talk without AK present.
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