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Originally Posted by RufussCkingston View Post
What is the story with the updated Nav system that is supposed to be in the 2013 M6's. It seems the images from ones that are currently delivered or at dealers don't have the new Nav, is that because the very first batch was May/June production?

I believe the easiest way to tell the difference in pictures is that the new Nav has a Full Rectangle Orange highlight when an option is seelcted, where as in the old (current) nav, you get a hollow orange rectangle on selection. Am I right on this?

Can anyone interject?


I've been asking this question here for a few weeks now. No real answer to date.

I'm puzzled by this. Like you say, all pictures to date suggest old nav in M6 Coupe, but the release schedule published here states July production. My dealer (in the UK) says there is no NAV update yet for the M6 Coupe. That would be a real shame on a car not even officially released here yet, to arrive with defunct technology.
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