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Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
jump squats can be done anywhere and will help you maintain

Dress shirts are tough - but brooks bro's fit me best.

JP you're a 36 length at 5'10? That's for leg diameter size?

Anyone recommend a protein powder for bulking?
Lol luckily not a 36 length at 5' 10", that would look quite disproportional. I wear 30 length, prefer them to be a little short rather then drag/bunch up. Usually have to buy 36 waist in order for my legs to fit. Probably a 32-34 waist depending on who makes them. I love everything about Brooks Brothers shirt except the price tag haha.

I prefer just a cheap protein for bulking that way I don't have heartburn using it throughout the day as I feel fit. MyProtein is my go to as I can usually get it for under $0.50 a serving. Anything over $0.50 a serving I stay away from, yeah I know I'm a cheap ass lol. But more seriously a lot of brands throw in a lot of added ingredients for no good reasoning. MyProtein is very basic and cheap.

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