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Originally Posted by ///Mikey e90 View Post
I actually really like the sizing and style of the 21" AC Schnitzer rims, I think they look better on the car than the 20s, as in they fill in the gap in the wheel wells. I think ideally, if I was to get those wheels I would not do the drop as well. Like many others have said it just ruins the ride and performance that BMW has spent months if not years perfecting in the design and testing of each model.
If you don't like lowered cars, how do you know it ruins the ride? Who told you this?
You guys who are talking against lowering probably are older. If not, you sound older by being rigid.
I'm older than most who post and I used to think lowering was not for me. I swore I'd never do it. But as the aftermarket grew, springs of all types became available. It's possible to get lowering springs for most any application and type of drive. You can buy springs with spring rates very similar or the same as stock. I have that type on my car. Just slightly stiffer, and I mean slight.....5% stiffer.....which is nothing rough at all.

So don't go around spewing negative crap about something without the whole story. Many people are susceptible to suggestion. They read something on a forum and think you automatically know what you're talking about....and you're just as unknowledgeable as they are.

Looks are another thing. Springs also come in different drops. Some brands offer very modest drops while others are slammed. Then there are coilovers with all types of adjustability.

Personally, I like no more than a 1 inch drop to improve the looks and handling without the discomfort of bounce, scraping and dodging. I just drive.