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Originally Posted by rebekahb View Post
This. Hormones are very interesting to deal with and not so cut and dry. For instance, commercially available testosterone replacement is far higher than a healthy male at his peak endogenous testosterone level. I was just discussing this with a physician who has a male patient on pellets and wanting to switch him to a topical form of testosterone. This is not my area of expertise but was interesting to learn more about it this week.
Exactly, hormones are difficult to predict and no two people are the same.

Surprised they are using orals & topicals. The issue with orals is that they strain the hell of out your liver. You can try to keep it healthy with milk thistle, but still. Topical seems like a waste to me, rate of absorption isn't great. Plus I remember when I was reading about all this that guys were afraid to touch their kids or spouse after applying, which makes sense lmao.

Best absorption rate & least amount of damage to your organs is injection, but some are afraid of needles which I get.
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