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Originally Posted by vase330 View Post
For those who don't know, there is 100% tax on luxury cars in many many countries around the world at atleast 50% on cheaper ones. People in the US and Canada bitch and moan about <10% tax on purchase price and have no clue how good they really have it. Ofcourse in those same countries other things you pay an arm and leg for in North America are cheap and have no tax. It just all depends on what things different countries want to tax and which things they don't. In many countries there 0% property tax on your home, no ridiculous health insurance $$$ ala USA, and even the best care is available for really low $$ insurance rates. Some even have free healthcare (NZ has free healthcare and theirs rates way up top to boot), In US and Canada, you pay an yearly tax on the huge amount a home costs. Add it all up over the years and you realize the guys paying US\CN $200K don't necessarily have it as bad as it may look at first. You can't compare apples to oranges in any case and looking at prices in different countries is what you are trying to do IMO.
Excellent points.