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Originally Posted by Flo1989 View Post
So it took me about 90 minutes and 2-3 coats...And that was mainly because of the stitching area. Colourlock reps told me the only way around not dying the stitching was to mask the areas of. I found that to be extremely complicated as the tap would not stick. So, I went the slow but more precise route. I used these micro paint brushes and added the dye in between the stitching and on the outside of the stitching - enough to were I didn't have to worry about coming close to the stitching with the applicator sponge. Very tedious work, but I'm a bit too anal to have went over the white threads.

MMMM6GC Your photos didn't post for some reason. Sucks to hear you have to do it again, but I suppose if its only once a year its not too bad. I truly don't understand how the side bolster gets beat to shit so bad when I literally never even touch it. I only weigh 175/180lbs..I don't rub it getting in/out of the vehicle. Idk, Strange...
Nice! Good tip - I have those micro brushes too so will utilize them, but this time I'm going to change my approach slightly. When I first used the kit last year I only hit the really worn areas - where even the thread had lost its colour...I was tempted to find some contrasting white dye and try and hit each stitch but a) it might stand out too much and b) being such a tedious job I'd want to know if it held up...which it didn't.

This time round I might go for 3-4 coats like you mentioned, and go further past the area of damage - these good stitches I don't want to be dyed so will either mask the area or use the micro-brushes. Will then follow up with 2 coats of the protector to better seal everything in.

Same here RE the bolster - I do such few miles and am careful with in/egress but they still get destroyed. Could be to do with the kind of leather BMW uses as I found it extremely easy to scratch. Nightmare for OCD!