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Originally Posted by TomM6 View Post
That looks great, can you tells us how long it took and how many applications and if it affected the contrast stitching? I hope it lasts. I have the platinum individual leather and have been entraining the idea of re dying but no one guaranteed the sticking and even replacing the leather cover on the seat by BMW but wanted $4K
Originally Posted by MMMM6GC View Post
So I did the same and got a complete colourlock kit - I thought I posted on here but can't find it!

I may have gone a bit overkill but I bought their entire kit including the colour matched dye. First point - I had various blemishes across the interior (so much leather!) and the colourlock system was amazing at covering up marks and scratches - for example my glovebox had some nasty nail scratches:

I'm waiting for a free weekend to tackle this again as my whole interior is due a full detail. I'll give the process another go and see how we do, though I may be reaching out to colourlock for further advice. It may just be an annual "maintenance" thing I have to do vs getting a professional - more permanent - repair.
So it took me about 90 minutes and 2-3 coats...And that was mainly because of the stitching area. Colourlock reps told me the only way around not dying the stitching was to mask the areas of. I found that to be extremely complicated as the tap would not stick. So, I went the slow but more precise route. I used these micro paint brushes and added the dye in between the stitching and on the outside of the stitching - enough to were I didn't have to worry about coming close to the stitching with the applicator sponge. Very tedious work, but I'm a bit too anal to have went over the white threads.

MMMM6GC Your photos didn't post for some reason. Sucks to hear you have to do it again, but I suppose if its only once a year its not too bad. I truly don't understand how the side bolster gets beat to shit so bad when I literally never even touch it. I only weigh 175/180lbs..I don't rub it getting in/out of the vehicle. Idk, Strange...