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Originally Posted by Canuck335 View Post
I think this is the difference between living in the present vs seeing the likely future.
Please don’t take this personally. I understand some people just can’t or won’t see what’s coming down the pike.

- Cities will start modifying light poles to enable on street charging
- Battery and charging technology will advance to the point where a $30k BEV can be 80-100% charged in an hour or so.
- Fewer cars in general will be sold, taken over by ride sharing. So the hassle of charging will be someone else’s concern.
Agree. Also, here in Toronto, some shopping centre parking are already set up to charge (I think set up by Tesla?). I imagine this will be vastly expanded with the governments involved and, say, in about 10-15 years time from now, you can pretty well charge your vehicle anywhere you go and park.

By that time as well, street parking charging will also likely be in play. Chargers could reside where the old parking meters were and they can easily be configured to pay for parking as well! The electrical infrastructure is already in place since street lights need electricity, so it's a matter of possibly tapping into that.

Whatever the case, the technology already exists to do that today, certainly 10+ years from today.