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Originally Posted by Introextro View Post
My GC just got hole in the sidewall. I have the MPS right now but i live in the NYC area and I am considering moving to all season tires in the hope that they will offer significantly better winter traction. Only fronts are being change right now. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!
Had the exact same thing happen to me - hit some debris flying off another car, driving late at night. Ripped the sidewall of my passenger front MPSS and took a nice chunk out of my wheel:

In this instance - having run-flats saved me a massive headache as I was able to nurse the car home. I was opposed to them before (came with the car) but I'm 50/50 now.

In either case, I'd picked up a set of OEM winter wheels + tires (shout out to @davidinnj top seller!). Appreciate you don't have the space for a second set of wheels, but for reference, I used the onboard TPMS and Tire temp monitor: the MPSS just won't get up to temp when it's below 45f. I can get them to between 45-50f when the ambient temp is around freezing. And yes, they're like hockey pucks.

Just on my first short drive with the winter wheel set (Pirelli Sottozero), they were up to 65F where they stayed for my journey. The difference in cold weather grip is night and day, plus the extra sidewall and non-runflat has transformed the ride, feels like a different car and I don't cringe everytime I run over a small pebble on the road.

For reference, this is the winter wheel set