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Originally Posted by Introextro View Post
Thanks, appreciate it!

One of the joys of living around NYC is the complete lack of space and i just don't have enough keep two sets of tires. I will probably not drive my car much in the winters (definitely not on snow), and I just want a tire that'll not break apart if i am driving 10 miles in 35 degrees. I am willing to take the risk of traction but just want a reliable tire. Thanks!
If that's the case, then just buy the 4s tires. It's really good all the way down to 30-35F. I drove the 4s tires in the 35F rain in MN before and it was fine. However, the moment there's a light coat of snow on the streets, the 4s tires are useless. Do it at your own risk.

I'll give you another example, I bought a car in Oct with Michelin all season tires(really good tires) on it. I ordered a set of winter tires and was waiting for it. We usually don't get snow in early Oct here. I went to work and parked in a ramp. With my luck, we had a light snow that day. I had no choice but to slowly exiting the ramp circle, and my car slipped when it hit a patch of snow on the way down. I almost hit concert walls. I have more examples in my driving in the snow belt for over 20 years. Driving summer/all season tires in the winter is asking for it. It's not if but when.

Another option is to have the dealer hold your tires/winter set for a fee. Whatever you do, stay safe.

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