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I got a hold of the extended warranty document, my car falls outside of the production dates covered by the warranty extension. Mine was produced 3 months after the end of the covered period. The replacement parts that went in to my car, are the specified replacement parts in the warranty extension.
I went back to the service dept and spoke with the manager. He said that there is nothing they can do, because my car falls outside of the covered dates. He suggested contacting BMWNA customer service.
I called BMW and gave my story. They assigned it to an "escalations specialist".
We spoke several times. My point of view is that the original parts in my car began to fail at 26,000 miles, and they were replaced by the "upgraded parts". Seems to me that even though my car falls outside of BMW's production date range, the original parts on my car were likely the parts that are prone to early failure. There is no way for me to prove this now, as I did not get the failed parts back when I had my repair done.
I was able to forward a video that the repair tech made, showing where oil was beginning to leak, but that did not change the outcome.
BMW ultimately decided to deny my request for reimbursement, saying that if the repair had not already been completed, they would be in a better position to help.

I am disappointed in BMW, but understand their position. I am really disappointed in my SA at the dealership for not being a better advocate. The tech who found the leak knew that this was a common problem with these engines. The SA could have advised me of the extended warranty for this issue and urged me to contact BMW prior to having it repaired.

This is all a first world problem, and easy to shrug off. Expensive cars, expensive repairs. I will likely switch dealers for service and see how that goes. Also thinking of getting out of this car (and brand), and in to a Porsche Cayenne Coupe. I am under no illusion that Porsche vehicles are problem free- but they do drive nice. Wifey has a Macan GTS, and that thing rides and handles impressively well.