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Originally Posted by LisaLannister View Post

Would you know if and when the following items have to be replaced:

- Coolant
- Fuel filter
- Brake fluid

The reason I am asking is that two of my local BMW dealers told me this week that BMW does not recommend replacing the transmission fluid as part of the maintenance schedule for my car even though some sites say it is necessary.

You have no fuel filter except as an integral part of the pump in the fuel tank. It does not seem to be a regularly replaced item. I won't personally worry about mine unless I still own it at 100k miles, which would be about 15 years from now. Brake fluid needs to be done on any car because it absorbs moisture which causes two issues - corrosion of brake internal parts and it can boil under heavy braking. Every two years is the rule of thumb, although you can buy a tool to read the moisture level. But even at a dealer it's a pretty cheap job so I'd just do it every two years if I were you. BTW, that is one of the things your iDrive system reminds you to do. Coolant is more or less lifetime as well. If I still own my car at high miles I'd probably flush it for something to do some afternoon, but not before. It is not on my radar screen yet at 40k miles. As for the tranny, the maker, ZF, recommends a change at 60k miles. Do that. Several makers say they are lifetime now. It's nonsense. MB used to say that on a car I owned, then went to every 39k on the same car.