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Originally Posted by Opie55 View Post
Good point. I had never thought of that oil getting down there. OP, the breather lines, which cross over the top of the engine, are probably the old style on your car because they are on mine, which is a 2015. They are plastic accordion hoses that look like the covering they put over wiring. They get brittle and crack. The new ones are heavy duty rubber. They are now under warranty for 10 years/100,000 miles. When Walt (above) posted about his, I checked mine and they were still ok. Now they are not.
I just had mine done and changed to the more heavy duty rubber ones. My car is a 2015 LCI but didn't get the better rubber crankcase vent pipes. The accordion ones are pretty crap yes. Mine did start to leave visible oil on the rails they sat on and I even noticed drips onto the top of the righthand turbocharger. so that was enough for me, off to BMW to get them changed. In Australia this are not covered by warranty. I was lucky, my very good BMW team suggested I buy the updated CCV pipes at ECS in the the US at much more reasonable prices than what BMW Australia would charge me. so I did and within a week they were shipped out and my dealership actually fitted them for free! great service actually.
so yes I would check to see if its your CCvPipes cracked and leaking oil