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BMW 650i GC 2015 Oil leak help

So I recently picked up my dream car with only 28k miles. The car has been serviced at bmw dealerships its whole life while the original owner was living in California. T
The panel/skid plate that's underneath the car is saturated with oil as I can see oil residue is near the oil filter/oil pressure sensor? I believe its a very small leak since no warning lights or sensors are going off and im constantly checking if the oil level is low which is not.
If anyone has gone through this or a thread has been made to address this issue please let me know because I just signed up here and im trying to get used to this.

There is oil residue near the top of the oil filter (near the threads of the filter since its installed downwards) and the sensor. I think the only thing causing this oil leak would be a faulty o ring that goes in before you install a oil filter. I recently got a oil change at the dealership and informed them of this oil leak, so highly doubt that techs at two different bmw dealership would install a faulty o ring twice, (once before I got the car and after I took it in for oil change since its still leaking oil). Or I was thinking a cracked oil pressure sensor that's shown right next to the oil filter? Or possibility of a cracked oil pan gasket.. but if this was the case, wouldnt the car be leaking a lot more oil which would trigger warning lights? I took the car in for oil change/service around 28.7 miles and im now at 30k
Its my first bmw and im not trying to take shortcuts maintaining this car since I have yet to have found a trusted indy shop
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