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Originally Posted by PerfM5 View Post
Our last communication was on 7/3 with me offering to meet you at EAS to complete the deal. I haven't heard from you since then and you raise the price by $150 with offers on the table. That is odd behavior. Plus you still haven't confirmed that its transferable, you stated "I just have to hook up my laptop again to my OBD and logon to BM3 to finalize the transfer with the new VIN, etc." I sent you a BM3 link to guide you through the process.

Anyway good luck with the sale, ultimately $350 discount isn't worth the risk to me.
If you read our conversation correctly, I do state that it IS transferrable. I just have to connect the OBD to my laptop again, which is what it states in the BM3 link you sent me. I don't know about you, but I was extremely swamped with work since last weekend, it being the holiday weekend and all.

I don't know what "risk" you're talking about because I stated and replied to buyers and yourself that Id rather do local deals so there's no "risk" involved aka scams. There were exactly 3 other out of state interests that i turned down to eliminate any potential "risk" that you're talking about.

And sale for BM3 is now pending when we figure out when and where to meet.
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