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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Good points.

I agree that shooting a fixed focal length can be a good learning exercise, but only for a few days. Borrow or rent a lens if you want to understand how your system works better. Better yet, tape your zoom ring at 24mm for a couple of days, then 50mm and then 105mm. Then you'll really learn to see how the perspective changes. Distance is part of the equation, but perspective and compression also change the feel of an image.

I too "need" something wider than 24 or 25mm. I love my FE 12-24mm f/4 G on a full-frame body. Nothing else will do for "big sky" shots. The 24-105mm is my walk-around lens, but I very seldom go anywhere without the 12-24mm in a sling bag, on my back. It's a little hard for many people to use, but when you need wide, this is a great lens. It's another in the category of "force yourself to use it" for a few days and then you'll get better at using it in a wide variety of situations.

I think that it could be informative to some to look at my Album of "Street and Candid", including looking at the EXIF information, particularly the focal lengths of the shots. I do shoot a few close to 50mm, but the distribution is quite wide, ranging from 24mm to 700mm:

For many of us, the 24-105mm isn't huge, but for a few, it's too much. For those people, if they can do without full-frame, then I suggest looking toward a 1" sensor, with a built in, scaled down lens. The Sony RX-100 and RX-10 are powerful examples of very compact cameras that have very sophisticated AF and processing systems.

As I travel around the world, I will sometimes go out with only my 24-105mm on my a7RIII; however, most of the time, I've got a bag with the 12-24mm and the 100-400mm inside. I hate seeing a shot in my head and then not having the right focal length for the situation.
I completely agree, all comes down to individual style and preferences though. I strongly believe I can get a compact setup even with a full frame, however, if the subject is far away and I need to zoom then yeah there's no way I'll get the click without a bigger zoom lens. For me personally, 24-105mm isn't huge at all, I was seriously considering it but then I got a combined deal on 16-35 and 55mm so I swayed that way.
Great pictures by the way, across all focal lengths. I see you switched from Canon full frame to Sony, I was using a crop sensor Nikon before moving to A7ii, A7Riii is a beast, definitely my next camera. I wonder if you even use a9 after having A7Riii?
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