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New Member Introduction (Photos)

Hi everyone,

Wanted to introduce myself as a new member of the community. I can’t say that I’m completely new to Bimmerpost since I have been reading various sections of the forum for a few years already and I know most of the active members of the community. I enjoyed reading your ED and PCD journals and travel stories so I decided that I have to share my BMW experiences too.

Almost all the cars my brother and I have ever owned/leased were BMWs.

My current beast is a 2014 F12 M6 convertible.

Promise to write a full post about her in a separate thread. Have so much stuff to share about this beast.

My brother’s current car is also from the 6 series family – a 2015 650i Gran Coupe. Below is a photo of his new car surprise party. He travels a lot and during one of his trips I got him the GC as a surprise. We parked it in our garage and my brother saw his new car for the first time ever when we (with friends) brought him back home from LAX.

Yes, he loved it. He was picking between the CLS and the 6 series so I put him on the right track.

Before the M6 convertible I had a 650i M Sport convertible which was sort of underpowered… jk! I just wanted a proper ///M car. I had a little overlap – owning both cars at the same time which was also fun. I will write about my impressions about the differences between 650i convertible and the M6 convertible in a separate post. As a sneak peak I can tell you that there are completely different cars even though they are built on the exact same body.

M6 soon to replace the 650i.

In the meanwhile, my brother had an M Sport F10 535i and an E60 5 series. As you can tell all our BMW’s were nicely equipped with a sport package. Before the 650i there was the E89 Z4. I know, my past three cars were all missing a roof, but hey, we live in Southern California, convertibles should be the norm here. I loved my roadsters. I wish BMW continued the production of Z4 M’s for the E89 models. Mine was the sdrive35i model. They didn’t have the 35is model when I got her.

One memory of the Z is serving as a table in the waiting room of my office. One of 296 style rims cracked (remember, everyone used to have problems with those rims) so I kept the cracked rim after replacement and made an office waiting room table out of it.

Before the E89 Z4 I had 2 other BMWs. An E90 335i sedan and another roofless car – an E85 Z4 3.0si. The Z4M was my dream which never came true…

I have to confess that before the E85 I mistakenly owned an Audi A4 Before the A4 was my first car - a 1992 vandalized Honda Accord with 200k miles and engine problems. I bought it for something like $3,000 so I could drive to USC for my undergrad.

Hope you liked my BMW story. I will try to be a contributing member. Looking forward to your questions, comments and critics.

P.S. I organize Sunday drive events a couple of times a year. If you’re in Southern California send me a private message and I’ll let you know about our next drive.
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