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Hi guys

I just bought a new BMW M6 Cabrio (F12) and have a few comments...

First, as a bit of fun, I'd like to bow our heads in prayer...

Our Heavenly M Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy V8 twin turbo kingdom come, thy 560 BHP enabled top speed will be done, on earth as it is meant to be in heaven. Give us this day our daily 7200 RPMs, and forgive us our wheel spins, as we forgive those who have wheel spun beside us, And lead us not into temptation as we sit at the traffic lights, but deliver us from the California highway patrol, for thy is the power, the glory and the thrill. Ahmen!!!!

With that said, I have to say I really like the new M6 Cabrio - although comparing it to my old V10 M6 cabrio, the new one doesn't have the same "grin" factor as the old one does. I think the new one doesn't handle as well as the old one, but it is very close I think - and with the turbos coming out of the corners is better but no more howling engine note, so is it really better? The new one is definitely faster in a straight line, but not much. I have to say that the new one is a much much nicer/better car overall... Everything is as it should be, whereas the old one, aside from the engine and gearbox, was riddled with teething problems in my opinion...

The thing is, I need this new one to be much faster... Can anyone tell me about a tuning chip for the new M6 F12 please? I don't mean point me to a website, I mean someone who has actually tried a tuning chip for their own F12 M6 and got great results - I want the old "V10 grin factor" back you see.

appreciate it
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