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Originally Posted by King Rudi View Post
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When I see unknown numbers on the caller ID, I will answer with Ahoy! , ¿Digame? , or moshi moshi. The usual robodialers that pester our area seem to be keyed to start their pitch on the word hello, making it easy to screen those calls by the dead air after 3-5 seconds.....
Same here on the dead air. If I say hello, not positive on who the caller is and I get dead air, I immediately hang up.

The pain in the ass, that occupies space behind me, will answer spam calls, wait to speak to someone, then argue with them for however long it takes for the spam caller to realize that they just called the boss of all Karen's.

I have seen her attempt to call them back after they hang up on her. The first time I witnessed it, she didn't realize that the call wasn't coming from the number on her caller ID. She immediately calls the number back and raises hell with the woman who answered the phone; who obviously is not who called her to begin with. Some people should not be allowed in public without a caregiver.
The main PD business line had to be rolled to a phone tree explaining "we did not call. If you would still like to speak to a dispatcher, please press 2"
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