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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post
Yes, based on speculative numbers it looks like a very loaded M6 Vert could be north of 125k and yes that puts it in 911/Vantage territory. Hence the reason Jaguar after 15 years of moping around finally has launched an XKR-R for sale to the public.

Is the new M6 worth it? Let's take a look....

VS 911.

The M6 is a bigger car than the new 911 Vert and is more of a GT car it's not a very even comparison. But in terms of quality/style I think it is very close if not equal. More importantly it beats the XKR hands down which was NOT the case with the previous Gen....

VS Vantage.

Here where it gets tougher. The Vantage has waaaaay more cachet and exoticness but in terms of interior quality is about even and performance is less. AND a new Vantage Vert is still more money. BUT, a used Vantage Vert would be closer to an M6 in who wins? For me, the Vantage because it is an Aston and it IS more exotic than an M6, but the gap is closing.......

VS SL63/65

Again not quite fair as the SL only really has two seats but in terms of looks the M6 blows the new SL with its' "fishbowl" headlights out of the water and interior quality is the same- although the Merc interior design is retro vs the M6's more modern look...


Closest rival but the new M6 is soooooo much better. Performance-better. Interior quality-better. Exterior design-better. Unless you're a Jag nut the new M6 beats it solidly which by the way is what BMW was after to begin with- not Aston or Porsche....

I would say in the US a 120K price max for the M6 Vert would be ideal but since BMW knows China and Russia will pay waaaaaay more than you can probably expect close to 130k for a Vert easily....

Based on all this despite the price the M6 is the winner. Only Aston is better but this is not a huge gap since the Vantage is visually a smaller car. Truly a fair comparo would be versus an Aston DB9 and then you are talking about a 100-150k difference in price at that point.

Would I take an 06/08 DB9 over a new M6- very, very tough choice....
I'd take an M6 over a used DB9 any day. The design of Aston's V12 is pretty bad. In order to change the spark plugs, you need to remove the intake plenums that are on top of the engine. The maintenance on Aston's V12 is killer. Plus, I'll take the power and reliability of the M6 any day.

I wouldn't compare the M6 to the XKR, but rather the XKR-S. The XKR-S itself is slow and expensive. The M6 blows it out of the water.

The SL63/SL65, man, MB has priced the SL63 at almost $150k. AND the M6 is still a lot faster.

The M6 is a GT like the Continental GT and it's significantly cheaper.

I wouldn't take a 911 Carrerra S over an M6.

M6 wins in it's "range".
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