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Few updates inside the car --

Finally received the ceramic rear climate control unit from overseas, I decided to take on the swap myself as it seemed pretty straightforward. Release the side trim pieces of the center console with a plastic trim piece and it's simply a series of trim clips holding them in. Pop the rear seat off of its bushings to move the pieces out of the way and access the torx screws holding the unit in. 2 plugs on the back disconnected and its out

New unit in -- maybe more trouble than its worth for a part I'll rarely see, but the OCD in me wouldn't allow the front controls to be completed and the rear standard

Next I added a few more OEM M Performance bits

One of which being the Carbon Fiber DCT Trim. I won't go too far in depth as there is already a DIY for this here which is what I followed. It adds a nice touch and perfectly matches the OEM Carbon Fiber Trim. Takes some getting used to for feel as the surface of the knob trim is slightly more raised than the standard silver knob. However, there are no 'edges' to be felt as they are all nicely rounded off with a perfect fitment

I also added the M Performance Pedals as I think it is an overlooked area of the car but still is in your peripheral when you open the door to get in. The stainless steel pops nicely in contrast to the dull, dirt-stained black plastic stock pedals.

This DIY (link at the bottom for a PDF of BMW's instructions) was a bit of a pain since it required drilling through the metal portion of the brake pedal. Slow and steady wins the race when drilling through metal to avoid rounding off the drill bit, so this took a little while to do. Definitely a 'measure twice -- cut once' type of job.

The accelerator pedal was much easier since it is just plastic to drill through. All in all, I like the look a lot and is a nice cherry on top for an already beautiful interior

M Performance steering wheel trim comes next week!
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