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Originally Posted by mmdpkaaa View Post
The newer iDrive seems to be becoming an itch that i need to scratch! This is going to involve either a retrofit - apporx price will be 2k or switching to a newer car with it already on!
Hope much did u manage to pick yours up for if you dont mind me asking and where from? Only reason I ask is that there are loads on the AUC website so if i can go to them with a figure of what i can realistically expect to pick one up for they may be will to do a deal. The new model is due immimently so these cars are losing serious money right now and i feel a bargain could be had!
Re mpg i've not had a chance to drive mine much but doing mostly stop start town stuff ive been getting round 32mpg. not bad but not amazing either, although i am looking into a remap.......
That's one real expensive itch you've got yourself there!

I believe I was uber lucky finding a September registered (60 Plate) 2200 mile example on my door step (Eastern BMW – Newbridge, Edinburgh) for a little over 40K - There are quite a few on the AUC website but at that sort of money they tend to have double if not treble the miles on them and will almost certainly be on a 10 Plate. I guess It’s swings and roundabouts though as I didn’t get as much for my M3 as I believed it was worth……

My current thinking is that I'll run it as is for a couple of months but will definitely remap at some point down the line, however we then start getting into the whole traction/LSD debate - and that point, I’ll start wishing I’d gone for an M6!

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