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Originally Posted by mmdpkaaa View Post
Fellow UK based 635d owner here....nmack8 how are you finding yours so far?? Mine is an 08' model but i am thinking maybe i should have gone for the newer one with the updated nav etc?!!
I've just stepped out of an 2008 M3 with DVD based SatNav so, I'm feeling you're pain Ė Itís certainly not one of BMW's more endearing features! The newer HD based SatNav and I Drive is certainly much easier to use and the 3D rendering in city centres is a cool touch!

I'm enjoying the car so far although Iíve not done a whole lot of miles in her but the one niggling thing is that Iím struggling to find a comfy seating position Ė The seats in the M3 were outstanding Ė Iím also a tad disappointed with the fuel consumption, Iíve averaged 34mpg (mostly commuting) which in nearly double what I was achieving with the M3 but I was kind of expecting a bit more. Could be the engines still a little on the tight side as itís only got 2300mls on her, hopefully itíll free off a bit more and the mpg will increase.