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Originally Posted by research View Post
new 5 and 6 are designed by people with no balls, IMHO. they look a bit too bland and lack the risky look that was and advantage of the previous gen 5 and 6 series. But I guess you must make what majority wants. Same way they made sure that "Wall Street 2" was not about finance but some bloody chick flick film.
Yeah I feel the same way. When I look at the new 5/6 I don't feel the artistic spark. It lacks the inner child. I can almost imagine them in the drawing room:

Designer 1: "Ok, so apparently Bangle stuff was too polarizing/controversial, what do people want?"
Designer 2: "Let's just copy Mercedes/Audi and slap kidney grills/angel eyes on it."
Designer 1: "Okay."

EDIT: Also I agree. The E60 could still easily be mistaken for a new model. My favorite during the Bangle era are still the E60/E92/Z4/E82 and the X6.

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