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Ermm,,Plz don't say i'm an idiot. Butt,,,

I do like this new 6 a lot, a lot more than the previous 6.

Also, i like the F10 more than the E60 but not more than E39, of course.

It doesn't mean i don't like Bangle's design philosophy. I actually love his age. He realli took the whole BMW design concept to the another level. He is one of the bests out there.

However, i love it more to see BMW in very Simplistic way.(It's jus me)

New BMW cars now does look a little bit too bland compare to those that came out in the past 10 years. However, they are still very beautiful cars compare to others. They are more finished, every lines and curves that cuts toward the cars are just phenomenal.

Also, imo, it is just better than ever before because when u buy a regular bmw now,u get a beautiful simplicity design, and when u want something more agreesive,,u get M or M-sport package or others aftermarket accessories parts. Unlike wat happen to MB right now, their cars looks better and more aggersive than ever before, but they are all jus look the same with or without an AMG.

P.S. Sorry for my poor English skill and misunderstanding. Thk u guys.