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Originally Posted by uhn2000 View Post
Dunno guys... I hate to say it but I miss Bangle. Something is missing in all these new cars. There is not challenge to love, there is no challenge to admire, its pretty but pretty safe; like a pretty china doll. It doesn't stir but just abides. Its not sexy or passionate its pretty and that is how BMWs are being designed now. I guess we will have to wait for the in person experience or wait for the M6 to see something ravishing.

The Bangle 6er was ahead of its time, this one is just with the times. And that is the real difference between the BMW of yesterday and today.
Exactly my point - I mss those polarizing designs of the last generation. To this date when I see an e65/66 and compare it to an F01/02, the interior was so much better and those cars had so much presence, love them or hate them, you could NEVER mistake them for something else. IMHO, all Hooydonk cares about is the lighting on the car... methinks he never had a lava lamp growing up!!
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