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of course the interior is the same old boring interior.
Are you serious... This is the most unique production interior BMW has ever had... Why is the 6er always the bastard child of BMW. The old ones were nice and this one is even nicer.

I dont get why a bunch of Bimmer guys would be bashing the new design direction BMW is going in. You all know that in 3 years when your lease is up you'll be getting the next 3er or 5er or whatever car that follows this current design trend.

Then you'll say, Well its "grown" on me, just like the people who said they hated the Bangle style, then loved it a few years later when they bought one! LOL

Why not just respect a new design instead of bashing it. You may not love it, but is it really bad enough to bash?

Were not looking at a some fugly Chrysler or Geo here, this is the future direction of BMW.

Sheesh, Rant over.