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Originally Posted by jmikeh View Post
I honestly do not understand the negative comments here at all. This car is phenomenally gorgeous.

Check out the thickness of the doors. This thing must be a vault.


I actually really liked Mr.Bangle design concept. I wasn't really understand neither when first E60 & E63 came out, and there are so many people out their who really hate the designs and wanted to throw Mr.Bangle away.

I do notice thou that design is a very subjective thing and I should not urge w/ anyone about it, but for myself, I thought the designs were very artistic, fresh, new, and cool. It was actually the first time i can really see ModernArt+Car = Ultimate driving Machine, could really be happened.

For Mr.Hooydonk's design concept, when I first began to taste his design concept, I felt kindda disappointed because as we all know that he had been working closely with Mr.Bangle, so I was expecting him to do something even more "ART CRAZY" than Mr.Bangle, but eventually he did not.

However, he did something even more special(to me). Now, I just love his design concept. I just fall in love with it. For me, it is not "Art+Car" concept anymore, it is more about "Nature+Car". All the lines and curves that cut along the body of the new F10 and E89 is just almost perfect and gives you kind of the feeling of the hidden energy inside it, and of course, the interior. It is just awesome. However, somehow both car do not receive their justice on the photo. Both cars looks kindda bland and boring on the pictures, but in the real world, it is just gorgeous.

It is weird, but really, imo all of the new bimmers that are coming out lately only looks good in person, but not so much on the pictures.

Ohh,,almost forget,,the new 6 Series looks pretty good, so far. I like it!!

P.S. Sorry for my poor English skill, and my misunderstanding.