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Cool More Realistic 6-series Coupe Concept Photos


EVO has posted these new 6-series Coupe Concept photos, the most realistic and natural we have seen yet. Previous photos have been heavily post-processed, but we think that the more realistic the photo, the better this concept looks. Which naturally means that it should look phenomenal in the metal at the Paris Motor Show next week! These are also the first photos of the 6-series coupe concept with its LED bumper lights prominently on.

Name:  6coupe1.jpg
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Name:  6coupe2.jpg
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Name:  6coupe3.jpg
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Name:  6coupe4.jpg
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Name:  6coupe5.jpg
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Name:  6coupe6.jpg
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Name:  6coupe7.jpg
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Name:  6coupe8.jpg
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Name:  6coupe9.jpg
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Name:  6coupe10.jpg
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Name:  6coupe11.jpg
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BTW, here's a photo of the pre facelift 6-series coupe to highlight just how much of an advance in design the new F12 6-series coupe is.

Name:  6_Series_Coupe.jpg
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