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Originally Posted by eatrach73 View Post
huge ass side mirrors. my goodness, i can see the world.
It needs them. IMO the side mirrors on my M6 are too small. It's a big car and good visibility for lane changes helps.

Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
im digging the wheels, the rest looks promessing
The 6 is targeted to take on a pretty broad set of cars. It's most direct competitor is probably the Benz SL class, but it also indirectly competes against the CL class. I'm sure BMW would also like the 6 to be perceived is a low cost alternative to the Bentley Continental GT, too. The 6 has always been in kind of an oddball position. In terms of performance, the M6 is a competitor against the SL63, CL63, Maser GT, Bentley GT Speed, Ferrari 612, and Aston DB9. But it costs so much less than those cars it doesn't carry the same status. So it ends up being matched against the 911, which is a much sportier car.

BMW needs to either really step up the luxury aspects of the 6 by going to a high end interior (and a higher price tag) or make it sporty enough to hang with the 911. Right now it's neither.

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