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Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP View Post
^ little late for the f1x's, but that could change, it did for the e90's (2006-2007)...
Yeah, that's why I say eventually. I would guess F1x LCI, if F3x gets it at release (F30/F31) or after the first year (F32/F33 release timeframe). F2x would probably get it once the coupe and convertible arrive.

What is funny about it, is that it makes no sense...
It's less intuitive for sure. But it makes some sense, since the idea is that they are getting the performance of a typical 3.5L or 4L engine. It's true that changing from x35i to x40i is somewhat arbitrary (especially when the 335is and Z4 35is get the same (or more) power as the 40i models).

Just my opinion, I'm entitled to it.
Certainly, of course. We all have them. I just figured I'd spark more discussion by asking why you felt that way.

I'm sure its part of BMW's ingenious plan, thinking they will be able to charge more for cars badged x40 as opposed to x30 or x35.
True. But like I say above, they are also providing more power as well. In the old days when the average displacement of their engines was increasing generation by generation, it made more sense to use that as a marketing tool. Nowdays, displacement is pretty much tapped out (for the I6), and is not going to change much. So they have to find a new means to show that the car's are getting more and more power.
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