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Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP View Post
^ little late for the f1x's, but that could change, it did for the e90's (2006-2007)...

What is funny about it, is that it makes no sense, in the past, the YY in xYY stood for the engine size, now it has absolutely no relevance, and x35 wasn't so bad (though many still think those cars have a 3.5) but stepping up to calling a 3.0l a 4.0l just makes no sense at all IMO...

Just my opinion, I'm entitled to it.

I'm sure its part of BMW's ingenious plan, thinking they will be able to charge more for cars badged x40 as opposed to x30 or x35. And I'm sure they are right, most of the people buying those higher-end cars have no idea nor do they care, they just want to sign their lease papers and drive away...
I agree with your logic, but it's not the first time BMW has gone all wonky on displacement fibs in the name. E23 7ers had an available turbo charged 3.2l six that was badged 745i. The recent E65 750i cars are all 4.8l engines and the F01 750i is a 4.4l. Ugh.