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Scott- I hope BMW never gives into the pressures of building an R8 competitor as it is NOT needed. Building something different and more efficient is what the future needs, not another "super" car wanna be.
This is exactly the direction that is on our roadmap, BMW do not want to do another "me too" competitor that ranks of desperation to rival our competitors. First and Foremost we are engineers with passion , we like to drive , but we also have an excellent marketing department to justify the motive for our engineers.
Vision Efficient Dynamics is a totally different concept that is pure BMW - innovation , design and engineering.
When we get to see a production version of that car by mid-decade we will see the concept is carried over virtually intact , there will be minor changes for safety issues but the fact remains that the technology the concept showcased will be present in the production model as will the 2+2 packaging.
It will be an exciting showcase for Sports cars that is the angle BMW are looking for , following the same formula means you will be yesterdays headlines very soon.

With the M6 in it's current guise from feedback from customers we found that they felt the cars were never really individual from each other and for the price difference difficult to justify.
When the M Division created the one-off anniversary M5 CSL , they also created in a workshop a similar project although built around the M6.
When the M6 was launched , BMW had plans to introduce a one-off ltd CSL which was spotted testing at the Ring, slightly more power , slightly less weight and extra carbon fibre were in the plans but BMW pulled the plug when the results did not mount to justify a credible alternative to the standard car.

The CSL developed off the anniversary edition of the M5 showcased what can be achieved when taken out of it's comfort zone. From what I heard the car performed differently than the conventional M6 that the strategy was put into place that the forthcoming M6 must be completely a stand alone product from the forthcoming new M5. What I have learned is that the strategy applied to the M6 will feature many features that will distinguish the car from the M5 such as being lighter , slightly more power than the M5 and drive and handle differently.

The opportunity is now upon us to make the M6 into the car it should be.
I have also heard that early evaluations (remember before these cars hit the streets , they are tested behind closed doors @ BMW's proving grounds and private test tracks) have proved promising that they are putting proposals forward for a more lightweight extreme version.

The key thing about image is that you either have it or you dont.
A BMW has image as a standard feature , whatever model you drive it has been developed to be a true BMW and drive like a BMW.
There is no need for a stand alone product to reflect on the rest of your products when they are universally celebrated by not just being the best car in their respective segments. But also by enthusiasts and how they drive.

Vision Efficient Dynamics is to compliment BMW's Efficient Dynamics initiative , not as an image builder what you find in the Vision Efficient Dynamics is available today and the future tech it showcases will feature in BMW's of tomorrow. Remember BMW were the first manufacturer to initiate a programme designed to make cars more cleaner and efficient than either of our competitors or any other manufacturer for that matter.

There is the Audi threat looming over our shoulder as they have surpassed Mercedes-Benz. But whenever I am asked that question , I always say don't write us off yet. In the next few years the most significant segments for BMW will be the Citycar/ Compact and Mid-Compact D-Segment.
Exactly what BMW has been working on the past three years in lieu of a vanity project. Each segment will offer a range of variants , with both the 1er and 3er offering more expansion. The next 3er is also not only a very striking looking car which takes the look of a typical BMW sedan but sharpens the design formula for more impact. it is also a very important addition and best selling model that as the opposite of a vanity project sets the standard for the rest of the BMW line-up.