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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
My post about this on GCF.

Reading some of the media today where one says it is not the M6 but the 650i? I will Point out incase they are reading.
First of all the 650i has already been spotted using the trapezoid exhaust ports on each side of the rear valence.

BMW and M cars test in phases , a single prototype whether a BMW or an M car is not two cars the same , prototypes are utilised by every department and depends on what car is scooped it will be focusing on the development aspects of that department.
Specifics such as fit and finish are not needed , aerodynamics will be tested additionally. That is why there is no M styling packet as yet and is using the conventional 6er aerodynamics.
Eventually once targets have been met, multiple prototypes become one at the FEP stages.

In would also like to point out. Why does BMW need to have an exact interpretation of the Audi R8? Can BMW not do it differently without journalists pointing out that it has to be a word for word , power for power facsimile?
With the E60 M5 and the E63 M6 , BMW felt that customers reckoned the two cars were to close for comfort.
Now there is an ongoing effort to distance the new M6 (F12/F13) from the new M5 (F10)in terms of dynamics and composure.

BMW can do an R8 rival in terms of Power and dynamics , it is more refreshing to see them do something that showcases BMW's originality and engineering prowness but is in noways a direct facsimile.

Official launch for the new M6 will be @ Geneva 2012, alongside the new 3er Sedan , exactly at Geneva 2005 where the E90 and E63 M6 first made their debut.

The new 6er and X3 begins a trend for more sharper lines in specific design details , elements such as more broad sculpture , sharper angles around the twin-kidney grille outline and angular headlights which will also be carried over to the new 3er Sedan.
Scott- I hope BMW never gives into the pressures of building an R8 competitor as it is NOT needed. Building something different and more efficient is what the future needs, not another "super" car wanna be.

If BMW could tap into some of its earlier DNA of road feel, lightness and over all great packaging in a sporty highly green car they will have a hit, not to mention no need to market it as Hollywoods finest (can one say that?) will do it freely. BMW became a bit engrossed in soft and luxurious like MB in many of the high line cars, if they could do both at the same time that would make sense- the M6 to me was the car that never met the markets demands and was not the car to be a halo, the X ///Ms do more to show what M can do than the ///M6 and I feel that is the point of contention and why people always feel BMW needs an R8- the M6 was just not a car to dream about from a looks, performance and overall presence (the R8 is that).

Having just refreshed myself in a 997 GT3, it is very apparent that to me this is the car BMW no longer has even somewhat an answer to- a raw sports car that gets the juices flowing while still being able to be adapted to make it more livable. With Porsche releasing a hybrid version in the not so distant future, Audi will be close behind so BMW will have to have an answer for those cars.

My vote always remains that BMW does not need a true super car, but something that makes people think they want a car like that one BMW created. A VED would do that and not need to outperform everyone else, it would be exclusive because of the cost of the technology/materials and have a look that makes everything else dated. Leave the M5/M6 to be cast as the performance role... but this time around make them different from one another- give the 6 more performance like a GT3, and allow the M5 to take on the Panamera.