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Empowered;7540815]For all those who think that this is an M6... from Autocar magazine UK...

These are the first spy pictures (same as pictures featured at the beginning of this thread) of the new range-topping BMW 6-series Ė but the car is unlikely to take the M6 badge this time around.
Unless you work for BMW at a higher level then a product manager I know then I have to say that your sources are wrong.

Despite the M6-style quad exhausts, the car sports little other M6-design cues. The rest of the rear end is reminiscent of the standard 6-series range, while the tyres donít appear to be as low profile as the current M6ís.
Look harder those are pretty slick tires not to mention the drilled brakes. BMW likes to maximize platforms that do sell in high numbers (X5 ///M & X6 ///M), economies of scale that bring down production costs and help drive profits - ala Porsche 911. Outside of what we see in these spy shots, it would make no financial sense to produce an M5 and not an M6 after an apparent success with the current generations.

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