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Exclamation 2011/2012 M6 coupe (hardtop cabrio?) caught testing for the first time!

We bring you the world's first peek at the upcoming F12 M6 coupe (or perhaps hardtop convertible)! The telltale sign here are the quad exhausts, huge brakes, and cross-drilled rotors. This prototype wears camoflage body panels and the front bumper is that from the standard F12/F13 6-series that we've seen. However, the wheels appear to be upgraded 19" versions with some beautiful high concavity.

The F12 M6 will share the same engine as the upcoming F10 M5 - the turbocharged 8 cylinder motor from the X5 and X6 M (the BMW S63 engine, a 4.4L twin turbo, twin scroll, direct injection), expected to come in at the 585-600hp mark.

These pics clearly debunk an earlier rumor that the M6 would be scrapped in favor of a V8 sports car drawing cues from BMWs Vision Efficient Dynamics concept.

Be sure to follow our complete 6-series Coverage and M6 Coverage

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