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Exclamation 2012 BMW 6-series convertible soft top & body! Optional folding hardtop available.

We bring you the first photos of the F13 6-series convertible confirming that the 2012 6-series convertible will indeed have a traditional folding soft top (but a factory fitted optional hardtop will be available). These 650 convertible photos are also the most revealing yet of the body, which loses its plastic camoflage cladding to reveal most of the production body. What's being revealed slowly is a stunning looking BMW which retains the shape and sleekness of the previous 6-series cabrio, while losing some of its more criticized design. Production of the 650 convertible will begin in March 2011.

The following info comes from Scott26:
First shots of the 6er in FEP. Coupe is out too.
The soft-top is carried over from the E64, However as a first BMW will offer customers a factory fitted optional Folding hardtop if they desire. And of course for a few thousand euros more.
Overall appearence comes from the Gran Coupe Concept except some minor details.
Follow our full 6-series coverage here:

Here is the BMW announced production schedule for the F12 / F13 6-series coupe and convertible.

MY 2012:

March 2011 - 650cv
July 2011 - 650cp
September 2011 - 640cp/cv
September 2011 - 650xi cp/cv

UPDATED 7/7/10 with photos from

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