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Originally Posted by zedival View Post
Yep,,,,worked next to the East Precinct Police Station on Market St., at the tile warehouse. IŽm a bit older than you,,,,,50,,,,but I feel 30.

I see youŽre obcessed with "WHITE", "Alpine".
Not a very popular color here in Europe, at least not in Portugal, although lately IŽve been seeing some X6s in white.
IŽll take mine in "Atlantic Green" with camel leather interior.
Atlantic Green is probably not available, IŽll have to try to get Scott27 to put in a good word for me. Have to check out their "Individual" program,,,,either that, or buy a can of paint and do it myself(with a paint brush!,,,,that ought to look nice!):

Keep rendering,,,,just not the 6er, since it seems you hit the bullŽs eye!!
oh wow i live so close to the east dist station. off magazine street. yeah i love alpine white, my e46 is white and it stands out so much i wax that puppy every week just a nice coat to keep it nice, people thing its a new paintjob and ive had the car since 05. but ill keep doing my renders as long as it makes people happy.