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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
No. Look at the CS Concept and you see this broken line , just over the wheel arches , it does not follow through like the overstyled Technical lines of origami as seen on the E-Klasse Coupe.
On the CS likewise the 6er it adds depth to the rear wheel arch without over complicating it. look at the CS and you can see the change of width over the rear of the car.

This is evident in the spyphotos of the 6er Coupe.
Like I said it does not flow around the wheel arch but the line disappears under the skin and reappears in the lower flanks adding surface to the lower section of the car before climaxing at the front wheel arch.

Look at the picture of the car in the studio to see what I mean.

The rear of the car has the more integrated bootlid style of the CS Concept , however the opening is wider and deeper because the client still needs the space to store his Golf Clubs.
sort of like this im assuming?

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