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BMW M5 and M6 Horse Edition, to commemorate the Chinese New Year [Updated with Video]

BMW M5 and M6 Horse Edition, to commemorate the Chinese New Year

To commemorate the new Chinese year, which is the "Year of the Horse", which starts January 31, 2014, BMW has decided to put out a new special edition M car for the Chinese market.

Updated with video of the lap record run:

Welcome the BMW M5 and M6 Horse Edition.
BMW will make only 30 copies of the special edition BMW M5 only for the Chinese market. The Horse Edition will feature a unique horse character into the headrests

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The Horse Edition will maximize the available horses, but coming standard with the Competition Package, providing 575 Horsepower

With the BMW M6 Gran Coupe, BMW's Driving Experience Chief Instructor Claudia Hürtgen, used the car to set the current production car lap record on the Shanghai International Circuit which should make potential owners happy

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