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Originally Posted by 13 NF View Post

I just got similar deal on a white GC with vermillian red interior, just fab

I noticed, Like me you haven't gone for VDC, ITS A 1100 OPTION.

I didnt notice difference and as the Msport has great dampening away I went with one with out it.

I am now wondering have I done the correct thing!

I had a 7 a couple of years ago with VDC and never moved it out of comfort. My M3 which was undriveable in anything other that comfort.

UK roads the standard stuff is great.

Your comments please to stop me worrying!
I've had my 6GC MSport with 20" alloys for several months now, so hopefully my impressions of VDC may help. I bought a pre-reg dealer specd car, so hopefully there's no buyers bias.

Firstly I should highlight a common misconception with Adaptive suspension. The settings such as comfort/sport/etc are not discrete suspension settings. The suspension remains active throughout, the various settings simply alter the bias/cut off points towards stiffer/softer suspension settings. For example in comfort mode the suspension will not permanently be set to a fixed comfort orientated setting, but will merely have a bias towards softer more pliant setting.

As a real world example, I encountered a large pothole while in comfort mode which I suddenly swerved to avoid. The suspension stiffened up to improve handling, despite still being in comfort mode.

The converse is true of sport mode. The suspension settings will have a bias to sportier handling, but still provide a pliant ride where possible. Its constantly trying to adapt to the surface and your input.

Having said all that, I generally drive on decent roads (the odd pothole aside). Therefore, I'm undecided if I'd spend 1100 on the option, particularly when its unlikely if I'd recoup much or any of it come resale. I'd certainly forgo the option without too many qualms if as in your case there was a stonking deal on a car.

Its a decent option and does a good job. But on decent roads the benefits while still there are less apparent. Therefore if you're happy with the standard MSport suspension, don't bother confusing yourself by trying the adaptive suspension. It will just add an element of doubt, when previously you were perfectly happy. IMO its not a night and day must have option unless you drive on very poor roads. And if that's the case, you should also consider dropping down in alloy size, as it isn't a miracle worker. You won't get ride quality equivelant to an old XJ riding on 16s with lots of rubber :/.

The 6 GC comes reasonably well optioned anyway. Personally the options I'd definitely tick in future are HUD (speed limit display) and LED headlights. HUD should be obvious to anyone that's used it for any length of time. Full LED lights IMO really set the car apart. Moreover, I can see them becoming defacto spec (if not standard as they are with the CLS sport) over the coming years, therefore they'll keep your car looking more contemporary for longer.

Hope that helps.

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