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I tried one with and with out VDC, the trottle response is good(standard) but fail to see the added value to the Damper control.

My drive is 6 miles country and 43 motorway, so I think its good as it is.

My dealer explained the motoring press love the VDC and adaptive drive but is real world you dont need it. ( Could be telling me what I want to hear)

The same journey I did in my M3,and because the roads where so bad, It never really could safely put its power down, its the worst type of own goal.This great performance, but conditions of roads effect its performance.

The CG appears to have a balance with good performance and comfort

I hope I made the right choice,it feels great to me. Time will tell.

Hope your wait is not to bad, but with the Mazer I am sure you have a good destraction.