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Originally Posted by V8
Picked up my M6 coupe 2 days ago and noticing a couple of noises.

I hear a high pitched squeaking when I go over bumps. Seems to happen most of the time. Not crazy loud but noticeable to me and my OCD!

I remember hearing about this on the F10 M5, seeing as the chassis shares identical components. With them I think it was the rear coilover springs.

Anyone else noticed this? What was the soltuion for F10 M5 owners? Is it fixable or tough luck?
My 2013 M6 coupe also chirps/squeaks over certain types of bumps. Not speed bumps but quick and sharp smaller bumps. If it were to happen all the time it would sound like those taxis with 200k miles on their suspension. I don't know if it's the bushings or springs, etc. I have not yet given up my car for the time needed to diagnose. Hopefully somebody will have an answer soon.
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