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Originally Posted by 6sickseries View Post
Gtr is nice and runs amazing but 100k+ more for a Nissan bothers me lol
I don't care if it was made by the Edsel company.
The GTR is the best bang for the buck supercar on the planet.
It will eat the luch of all the cars you are looking at.
I have looked at all the cars you named. I would take the GTR hands down.
If looks were most important it would be the 911 but the car was too slow for my 100+ K.
The GTR is not the prettiest of this group but it's unique look is exotic-like and also powerful. It is the only car in this group that scared the piss out of me.
Bottom line, you can't beat 2.8 0-60 for 100K. The GTR is truly Godzilla.

All the cars you named are nice.....all would be okay for me. I was surprised how much I liked the new SL. Loved the sound of the 911 but it seems kinda spartan for this price point. Love the M6. R8 is luxury with semi-exotic looks. Their all good.
I think I'd go with Godzilla though.

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