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Sorry guys I have been in and out of town the past few weeks so I never got to update you guys on the 6WB. I will post some pictures later today.

Pros -
1. The different modes look great. Comfort mode is a little boring but sport and sport+ mode look so much better. Especially the gears in the middle. Eco mode looks really good too, but I rarely ever use it. In all modes the speedometer looks much better, the numbers get bigger as you speed up in comfort mode and eco and in sport mode it shows you the number in the middle of the circle.

2. Music info, phone info, voice info, is bigger and clearer. It's also higher up in the display so you don't have to look as far down. It shows you more songs or contacts at once as well. (will post picture soon)

3.Install is very simple it really is just like the video posted and there are two wires in the back that you disconnect. The hardest part was maneuvering it out and around the steering wheel. Bimmertech coded it in 10 minutes, might take a little longer if you don't already have the software on your computer. But all you have to do is connect your laptop to the car through usb (the cable comes in the box), they remote into your laptop and do everything from there.


1. For right now you can't code extra info on the hud. So you won't have the music list, phone list, or lane change assistant on the hud anymore. You will have all the standard stuff though, speed, speed limit, nav, warning messages. This annoys me since I really got used to seeing everything on the HUD, but hopefully new data files in the future will include these features so that it can be coded. (this only affects people that have coded or have had their cars coded to display more info on their current HUD)

2. Lane change assistant is now tucked away in the right corner instead of being in the middle. I never really looked at it so it doesn't bug me, but if you do look at the lane change assistant a lot, you will be disappointed.

3. This bugs me but might not be a big deal to anyone else. The speed limit sign on the HUD changed. In the U.S. it used to show the white sign with the black border and the speed limit was in the middle with mph right under it. Now it has a white background with the speed limit in the middle but no black border or mph indication. Function wise it's still exactly the same, but it doesn't look as cool as it did before. The speed limit sign in the cluster does indicate mph though.

I will update this when I get to drive more, I apologize that I am not that descriptive. English isn't my first language, and I am just not much of a detailed person at all.

Hope this helps for now.
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